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Dawn, a Skeptic,  Becomes A Believer

Dawn Tucci’s, a registered dietitian, journey with supplements began with a lot of questions and skepticism. She had never seen the results that she heard people were getting using Reliv nutrition. After finding out that they marketed in Germany and England, Dawn knew that there was clinical research showing that these products were not only effective but safe. This made her decision to “try” these products a no brainer.

After a few days I found myself awake and productive two to three more hours each day. In a few months my headaches lessened. I was able to get my blood sugar levels to a healthy range. After several months, the joint discomfort I felt greatly improved and the spasms and discomfort I felt in my back was gone. At the 1 1/2 year mark hot flashes and anxiety were minimal and my headaches were gone.  She was able to go back to distance running and have competed in several half marathons.

Now, she loves helping others with optimal health and aging.  

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