Healthy with Dawn

Simple nutrition for optimal wellness

21FIT is designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals & keep the weight off by establishing sustainable healthy habits, while still enjoying your favorite foods & finding new favorites.

“My passion is to provide affordable guidance and supplements to give your body what it needs to be well at any age.”

As a Registered Dietitian, Dawn Tucci has the knowledge and expertise to design a simple and effective plan for eating well,  In addition, incorportating high-quality supplements into the plan can help insure that you are meeting your daily nutritional needs and filling any potential gaps in your diet.  Providing the body with nutrients it needs can lead to improved overall health and wellness, allowing you to live a more optimal life.


21 days of macro-balanced meals with recipes and grocery shopping lists designed by me, a registered dietitian to control carbs and boost your metabolism so you can burn fat throughout the day. You get personalized support from myself and a personal trainer to modify the program for your individual needs.

 21FIT Accelerated

You get all the benefits of 21FIT plus the additional support with 3 nutrition supplements to increase fat burn, support gut health, improve energy, improve mood along with other benefits so you can achieve safe, easier weight loss.


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” ​You might be struggling to find a balance when it comes to nutrition. The idea of being ​”​good​”​ or ​”bad​”​ with food can lead to a restrictive and unhealthy mindset. It’s important to approach nutrition in a balanced and flexible way that allows for enjoyment and satisfaction while still meeting your nutritional needs. As a ​registered dietitian,  I can help you develop a personalized nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle and preferences while still promoting optimal health.  Together we can work towards finding a sustainable and enjoyable way of eating that supports your overall well being. “